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Innings Through Time

                     Until now… no one has ever written the definitive baseball story.


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Author Chris Valenti

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Ten Times More Mystical

than ‘Field of Dreams

Greater Love Story

than ‘Pride of the Yankees

More Psychological Intensity

than ‘Fear Strikes Out

More Inspiring

than ‘The Jackie Robinson Story

More Emotional

than ‘Bang the Drum Slowly

More Magical

than ‘The Natural


Innings Through Time

may very well be…


“The Greatest Baseball

Story Ever Told!”




Clyde King as Pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers 1944-52

This book is endorsed by famed Brooklyn Dodger Pitcher and NY Yankee General Manager Clyde King

“Innings Through Time is so unique, no single category can accurately describe it. Aside from being the greatest baseball story I have ever read, it is also a thrilling adventure. It’s also a captivating historical novel filled with tons of intrigue, mystery and riveting suspense. Plus one of the most touching and inspiring love stories you will ever read. Its striking concept coupled with all of its twists and turns will hold your interest from beginning to end. I guarantee it!” - Clyde King

Clyde King as General Manager of the NY Yankees